Bot pro KSP Discord
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Discord bot for KSP discord server.


First install all required libraries:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Then create data folder from data.example:

cp data.example data -r

Same for config.json:

cp config.example.json config.json -r

Lastly paste your discord bot token into config.json. If you do not have any discord bot, learn how to create one here:


To run the bot simply execute





Prints Hello world!


Shows the bot's latency.


/set_forward_channel <#channel>

Sets channel to forward messages to.


Forwards message to set channel



Manages roles locked behind a password.

Lock @role behind a password supersecret:

/secretroles add @role supersecret

Delete password supersecret, so role is no longer obtainable with it:

/secretroles delete supersecret

List all current passwords and their roles:

/secretroles list


Ksp related commands


Generates urls for given task.


Shows deadlines of currently running series.


/news set_channel <#channel>

Set channel for posting news.

/news post_news <id>

Post news with given id to set channel.