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use db::LayoutDB;
use city::{City, SIZE};
use itertools::Itertools;
use crate::combine::transpose_layout;
mod city;
mod db;
mod combine;
fn main() {
let mut db = LayoutDB::from_file("layouts.sqlite").expect("Failed to load the DB");
eprintln!("Loaded the DB, {} stored layouts", db.layouts().len());
let city = City::read_from_file("01.in");
eprintln!("Loaded the city file, {} houses", city.get_house_count());
eprintln!("Building a transposed city...");
let transposed_city = transpose_city(&city);
eprintln!("Finished building a transposed city");
loop {
let sorted: Vec<_> = db.layouts().iter()
.sorted_by(|x, y| city::get_price(&city, x.houses()).cmp(&city::get_price(&city, y.houses())))
.map(|layout| layout.clone())
const TOP_LAYOUT_COUNT: usize = 1000;
let chosen_layouts: Vec<_> = sorted.iter().take(TOP_LAYOUT_COUNT).map(|l| l.houses().clone()).collect();
eprintln!("Starting to combine {} top houses DB; vertical cuts", TOP_LAYOUT_COUNT);
combine::try_combine(&city, &chosen_layouts, &chosen_layouts, &mut db, false);
let transposed_chosen_layouts: Vec<_> = chosen_layouts.iter().map(|x| transpose_layout(x)).collect();
eprintln!("Starting to combine {} top houses DB; horizontal cuts", TOP_LAYOUT_COUNT);
combine::try_combine(&transposed_city, &transposed_chosen_layouts, &transposed_chosen_layouts, &mut db, true);
fn transpose_city(city: &City) -> City {
let mut transposed_prices = vec![0u16; SIZE * SIZE];
for y in 0..SIZE {
for x in 0..SIZE {
// Sorry, cache! Not worth optimizing with blocks,
// this is not going to be ran often.
transposed_prices[y * SIZE + x] = city.get_price_xy(y, x);